Helpful Answers To Your Most Frequent Inquiries

What do I need to do in order to start climbing?

You must fill out a waiver online. Minors 17 and under are required to have a waiver filled out by a legal parent or guardian. Once you arrive you will need to go through a gym orientation then you are ready to start climbing.

What do I wear?

Athletic and flexible clothing is recommended. Sneakers are allowed to climb with, but we do offer climbing shoe rental for $5. Climbing shoes run small and should be snug but not too tight. Climbing shoes give the climber a much better experience overall.

Do I need to have a membership or reservation to climb?

No. Day Passes are available at $20 for Individuals 13 and over, $16 for 12 and under, and $10 at 4 years and younger. The Day Pass is good for the entire day on the date of purchase. Feel free to leave for lunch or dinner and return without having to make another purchase. A check in at the front desk is required each time you come into the gym. Reservations are required for Birthday Parties and Group Events.

What are the different types of climbing at the gym?

1. Bouldering – This is climbing without ropes or harnesses on specific sections of the gym. Boulder climbing walls at Cliff Hangers range from 10ft – 15 ft high. The flooring is thickly padded in these sections. Never climb on the boulder wearing a harness or anything in pockets. Be carful of your surroundings and make sure you watch out for others.

2. Auto Belay – These are devices that give individuals the chance to climb the high roped walls without the assistance of another person or partner. Cliff Hangers has auto belays throughout the gym.

3. Top-Rope – Climbing that is performed by two people at a time: a climber & a belayer. In order to top-rope, you must either display your competence to a staff member with a belay test, or you can take our Top-Rope class. The class is offered at slated times each day of the week. See our classes page for further details.

4. Lead – This climbing requires you to have your own rope, have a partner to climb with, and you will be tested before you can lead. If you do not pass our test, you will need to take a class before you can lead climb. This climbing is the most advanced Cliff Hangers offers, and it involves techniques and knowledge on movement and rope.