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For Climbers

Our Walls

Our expert staff is trained to help you conquer our walls. But, what about after you've conquered them? Our certified route setters are constantly changing the routes to keep it fresh for our climbers. It's one of the many ways our team works to help push you to your next level of potential. Each of our walls offers a unique, unforgettable experience! Learn more about them below.


Monster Wall

Our Lead Only wall is a world class feature exclusive to NC. The wall stands 50 feet tall with three different angle features, 42 feet of articulation and boasts 62 linear feet upward.





Tower Wall

Central rope climbing wall with Lead, top rope, and auto belay routes. This wall stands 50 feet tall and is a host to some intense steep channels and an arch for some interesting sends.






Slightly shorter wall at approximately 40 ft. where we give orientations on auto belays. Lead and top rope routes are also located on this wall. This wall is shorter, but packs a big punch in creative route setting.






Main Boulder

15 feet high with weekly rotation of boulder problems. The main floor boulder is a mix of 45 deg, 60 deg, slab and top out.

Speed Wall

15 meter competition ready. Side-by-side Speed climbing routes in the center of the main climbing floor. We also rotate traditional gym routes on one side of the speed wall through non-seasonal times.





Outdoor wall

Approximately 40 feet of rope climbing on the outside of the entrance to the gym. Weather conditions are considered for access and use of the wall. Top rope setup is slightly different on this wall from the rest of the gym as the ropes are single wrapped due to the outdoor conditions and humidity. This wall features a unique arete towards the center top, and is always a great place to lead climb. ASSISTED BRAKING BELAY DEVICES ONLY

The Pit

Crack climbing and tope rope routes. Many rope classes are taught here. This is where you’ll find some really rad and difficult top rope routes- have fun exploring!

Training Area

Campus board & 2 sections of articulating training wall feature a spray board and a systems board.






Party room wall

A mix of top-out bouldering, top rope, and auto-belay climbing on a 40 ft. wall that is set for parties with our smaller climbers in mind. A slide at the top of the boulder is a fun ride back down to the floor. Viewing areas on the 2nd & 3rd levels for accommodating everyone in your group.


Rappel Ledge

We feature two Rappel lanes- one 48 ft. and one 36 ft. lane for a variety of rappelling lessons.Top of The Pit where rappel and Advanced Lead classes are taught.