Yoga & Conditioning Classes
Yoga & Conditioning Classes

Meet Our Instructors

Sonya Pelletier

Eryt-200, b.s. exercise physiology

Sonya has been practicing yoga in her own body since childhood and taught exercise since 2004. First as an exercise specialist teaching rehabilitative exercise, and then as a certified personal trainer. After earning a masters in business in 2013, she shifted her focus to primarily teaching yoga.

Sonya is always seeking ways to blend science of exercise with the physical and philosophical foundations of yoga. Her yoga teaching style reflects the principles of functional training & exercise sequencing, the importance of proper anatomical alignment, and the science of muscle recruitment and physiology of exercise.

Sonya makes it a point in her classes encourage individuals to do more than “just go through the motions” as she emphasizes engagement, form, breath, mindset and connectedness. Her goal is to provide lighthearted yoga classes that fit and serve each student, guiding them through  challenging, yet achievable, exercise sessions which leave them feeling balanced, successful, strong, and revitalized.


TracyTracey Lynn

RYT-200 ~ Noqu Talei Yoga School

Teacher of deep stretch, mindful vinyasa, vinyasa, strength, power and gentle flow.

Offers private one-on-one and group sessions

I am originally from Syracuse, New York and moved to North Carolina in 1998. As a teacher and student of yoga, my hope is to share my journey with others, and share how yoga has changed my life both physically and mentally with the hope to impact someone else. My ambition is to inspire students to reach their utmost potential on the mat, but more importantly, my desire is that my students walk away with something that they can practice off the mat in their daily lives.

When I am not practicing or teaching yoga, I love to travel and be outdoors including running, walking, hiking, and swimming.

“What doesn’t challenge you, will never change you.” Fred Devito


FB: Tracey Lynn